Congratulations and Welcome!

Let's talk about what's coming in Setting up the
"Digital Customer Engine" for your Business.

My name is Donna Gunter and I'll be your Account Manager here at BizSmart Media. I'll be you main contact for anything you need and will be assisting you in getting up and running with your Digital Customer Engine.

P.S. If you get stuck with anything on this page... don't worry. Our team can walk you through it on our call.

There are 3 steps to getting your new "Customer Engine" Set up:

#1 Our Welcome Call
Below you will find a link to set up your onboarding call to walk you through everything we need to get set up (If we haven't chatted already) and exactly how to do it. To set up that call, please schedule that here.

#2 Get us FB Page Access.
Follow the instructions in the video below on how to give us the rights we need to be able to post content to your Facebook Page (Don't worry, you're still in charge. We don't need full admin access to your page to get the job done).

The email address you need to use is donnalgunter at Please write this as a normal email address, using the @ symbol instead of the word at. . I've written it this way on this page to prevent spam bots from harvesting the email address.

#3 Send us your Logo 
We need you to send your practice's logo to us. You can email that file to me at support at (If you don't have a logo file handy, don't worry -- we can discuss that on the call)